Hi everyone! Just a quick update, that this service is still active.

The internatinal blog has been very much neglected, since our main customers are from German speaking countries.

Don't let yourself be fooled by this empty looking blog, if you have any inquiries, feel free to get in touch.

The fastest way is through gosurori.bestellserviceATgmail.com to ensure a quick response :)

All best for eveyone in 2018!

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UPDATE: APRIL 30th 2014

We would like to thank you for 114 positive feedbacks!

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(update: 30th APR 2014)

We are the first

  JAPANESE Shopping Service

(Gothic and Lolita / Gal / HIME-kei / Visual-kei / Anime)

specialized for EUROPE.
(with WORLDWIDE shipping)

We are having five years experience in helping Lolitas, Gyarus and others in


We are helping people from
all over the world
who are not able to order directly from Japan.

Still a lot of shops do not offer
OVERSEA-shipping, but there we can help:

if you want to order from an online shop in Japan, which

- does not ship overseas
- does not understand English
- does only accept credit-card as a payment
- does nor accept paypal

* or if you want to bid on an auction *

EMAIL: Please send any inquires to

gosu rori . shippingservice (at) gmail . com






- item price (incl. jap. tax)

 - shipping & handling in Japan
 - shipping to EU (/US)

 - service charge
(15% per item, at least € 15 ;
 20% per auctions, at least € 20)



- in advance
- through PAYPAL



step 1 INQUIRY

After you decided which item(s) you would like to order,
please send us the links, with size and color.


Once received your inquiry, we send you the total cost,
that will occur if you decide to make the order.


If you agree with the amount you have to pay,
please send us an email with the shipping address.
You will receive our paypal-account information to
make the payment. (within 3 days).

step 4 PAYMENT

As soon as the payment arrives at our paypal-account,
we order your item(s) immediately. Usually online-purchasing is
very fast, however, some shops need 7-14 days.

step 5 ITEM Arrives in JAPAN

We will try to keep you up to date as much as we can,
so we will inform you when the item arrived here,
at latest when we shipped it to you.

Of course you'll get the EMS-tracking number to track the item.

step 6 ITEM Arrives at your HOME

Shipping duration varies, but should take around 3-5 weekdays.
When you received your item(s), we would be happy, if you let us know.



To avoid tax problems with the customs or in case of gifts,
we are sending the items without price tags,
marked as 'used' and 'gift'.
If for any reason you do not want this special service,
please inform us in advance.



Auctions are special.
However, the payment has to arrive before the auctions ends.
In case the auction ends before the payment arrived,
we will definitely not bid for your item.

We prefer bidding on Y!Auctions
but also do bid on auctions on Rakuten
and mbok.

Please check also our
with useful hints and easy brand-search!

In case you are interested in an auction, please send us your maximum bid.
Should we win the auction at a cheaper price than your maximum bid,
we will pay back the difference back to your paypal account.



Since we are not a shop, in no matter what case,
we do not take any goods back.
So before you order though us, please check again
the sizes and colors of your item(s).



In case your item should be sold out, before we can purchase it,
you get your money back paid to your paypal account.

In case of a refund, paypal also refunds the fees,
so you get the total amount back.

But only up to 60 days after the original paymanet was made.

Should more than 60 days pass until we can do the refund,
we need to subtract 4% from the total amount when paying back to you,
even if no item was purchased.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.



feedback corner
(with 100+ positive feedbacks!)

This shopping service is a sister project of the german
LocoRoco's Gothic & Lolita Shopping Service

We have plenty of experiences, ordering at most of the brands like:

COCOLULU, Metamorphose,
Innocent World, BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, Alice and the pirates,
Angelic Pretty, PrincessDoll, H.Naoto, Putumayo, Sex Pot, Bodyline,
Peace Now, Atelier Boz, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Mille Fleurs,
Stigmata / Sexy Dynamite London, Juliette et Justine, Antique Beast
 and some small indie brands.

The feedback system before was posting at the big Anime&Manga
community animexx.com,
there we have over 100 positiv feedback already.



Most popular lolita brands in Japan are listed
here with their homepages:



The best way to start filling up your lolita closet:
buying used, cheap cloth:

Closet Child

Alice & Fururun

Fairy Angel

Grand Bazar Lolita

Tokyo Alice

RAGTAG (gosurori)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do you ship to outsie EU & US?

A1: Yes, of course! Basically we can ship worldwide.

Q2: Can I bid on an item, you already bid for somebody else?

A2: No, we won't bid for you if we are bidding already for somebody else.

Q3:  Can I still use your bidding service when an auctions ends in 1 day?

A3: Yes of course! But since we can only bid after we received the payment,
we can not promise to be able to bid on time.
We check the paypal-status and our mails several times a day
and try to response as soon as possbile.

Q4: I want to combine shipping, can you hold an item?

A4: Yes, of course! Not forever, but up to one month is ok, i.e.
you wish to combine with a reservice item from a different onlineshop.

Q5:  Can I combine auctions with products from real stores?
A5: We do not go shopping to real stores, but can combine without problems
items from an auction with items from ONLINE-hops.

Q6: An item is sold out in the online-shop,
could you call the real store and ask,
if they still have it on stock?

A6: Since we don't go to real stores, we won't call the stores.
The only thing we can recommend you is to keep on watching the web shop,
some do restock, if an item was very popular.

Q7: Do you also buy items that need to be reserved,
such as those from Mary Magdalene etc.?

A7: Yes, of course!

Q9: In my estimate I have a different price for the item then I
can see on it's online-shop, how come it varies?

A9: Some online-shops, such as Metamorphose do
at their english page the price is without the japanese taxes (5%).

Q10: With which brands are you already familiar with?

A10: We have ordered already at the folowing (and more):
Liz Lisa, JESUS DIAMANTE, Tralala, Metamorphose,
Innocent World, BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, Alice and the pirates,
Angelic Pretty, Princess Doll, H.Naoto, Putumayo, Sex Pot,
Peace Now, Atelier Boz, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Mille Fleurs,
Stigmata / Sexy Dynamite London, Juliette et Justine, Antique Beast,
Listen Flavor, Pink Candy, Maxicimam, Moi Meme Moitie, Algonquins, KiraKira Shoten
 and some small indie brands.


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Feel free to leave here your feedback !
However, if you should be not satisfied with something, please
contact us before giving a negative feedback.


Here are detailed REVIEWS,
users wrote about us:
♥ thank you very much!  ♥

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